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What is Ganoderma Spore

What is Ganoderma Spore?

What is Ganoderma Spores Powder?
Spores (Powder) are seeds that are produced and released by the Ganoderma (Lingzhi) Plant or Fruit Body once it reaches maturity; usually 5 - 7 months.

Advance Topic:

Is it true that all species of Lingzhi Plant can produce Spores Powder?
Yes, all species of Lingzhi Plant can produce Spores Powder. But the quantity of the spores that are produced by most, if not all species of common Plant Lingzhi is very miniscule. Only the species that are specially cultured from a species known as Ganoderma Lucidum can produce the said Spores in great profusion.

Why is it that Spores Powder is unknown or unfamiliar to many people?
This is because Spores Powder is a fairly new "discovery". And Spores produced by common species or rather wild Lingzhi plant are too miniscule to be viable for commercial production. Furthermore, the ravaging rain and wind also exacerbated this situation by damaging and scattering the Spores that were released. Hence, there was never any mentioned of the said Spores as having been used for healing in the authoritative ancient Pharmacopoeia "Sheng Nong Pern T'sao Jing". It was only until recently when new species of "Spores" Lingzhi plant that can produce Spores in profusion was successfully cultured and grown that now made it possible for Spores Powder to be made available on a commercial scale.The most precious part of Ganoderma is Ganoderma Spore oil?

This Spore Powderrefers to the seeds of Ganoderma Plant that are released by the Ganoderma Fruit Body once it reaches maturity. Like the pollen of flowers, it contains all the essence medicinal and biological properties.

A spore was found to be more nutrition than that of the Ganoderma Body which is proved by the Scientist. 1000kg Ganoderma can only extract 1kg spore powder. The medicinal value of Ganoderma Spore is much higher than that of Ganoderma Body.

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Ganoderma Spore has a tough shell or 'husk', therefore, raw Spore are not easily digested and absorbed by the body system to effect healing. Recent Allife scientific breakthrough allows an effective method to be developed for removing the hard shell of Ganoderma Spore and absorbed by the human body - delivering the full medical value of Ganoderma Spore.

How are Spores released from the Lingzhi Plant?
Once the Lingzhi Plant or Fruit Body reaches maturity (usually 5 - 7 months), and if the condition is favorable, the Spores are expelled or ejected out from the thousands of tiny pore-like openings which are located at the underside of the fruit body. This process goes on from 5 to 10 days.

How are Spores processed?
They are first sieved to remove foreign matters. Then they are dried in a low temperature dryer. After that the "husk" or covering of the Spores are split open using ultra-sound process. Once sterilized, they are packed and ready for the market. As the temperature inlvoved in the drying process is very low, all the inherent curative properties of the Spores still remain intact.

Why is it necessary to break or split open the Spores?
Like in all species of plant, the Spores or seeds of lingzhi Plant, for natural preservation, are tough and resilient. As such, the seed or Spores in its original form would be difficult to digest or assimilated by the body system. That is why it is necessary to break open the covering of the Spores to facilitate absorption of the essence within.

Why is that Spores Powder has so much greater efficacy than that of the Fruit Body?
Firstly, Spores Powder is endowed by nature with an inherent efficacy that is many times greater than that of the Fruit Body. Secondly, Spores Powder requires no processing, apart from the necessity to break open the Spores outer covering. Spores therefore remains "a natural product" without suffering any loss of its natural curative properties; which as a matter of fact, constitute nature's medicinal formula with extremely high curative properties. As for the Fruit Body, nature has endowed it with less curative power than that of the Spores Powder. Furthermore since it needs to undergo various processing before it could be consumed, it inevitably loses many of the important trace elements, which are essential to assisting in the healing process. Hence, the efficacy of Spores Powder is so much greater.

Which are the medical institutions or hospitals that have conducted tests on the Spores Powder?
These institutions or hospitals are : China Medical Research Center, Beijing Medical Research Center, Beijing Medical University, Beijing Kwang Aun Men Hospital, Beijing Tung Che Men University, Sino-Japan Friendship Hospital, etc.

What are the medicinal ingredients found in Spores Powder & how do they help my body system?
Spores Powder contains 4 main ingredients, namely: [a] Polysaccharides [b] Germanium [c] Triterpene Compound [d] Nuchleoside Compound. Besides these four main components, Spores Powder also contains 17 types of amino acids, alkaloids, soya bean protein, sterols, counmaric essence, glycoside, vitamins, enzymes, 13 essential minerals like kalium, lithium, zinc, chromium, calcium, molybdenum, magnesium, nickel, manganese and sodium, etc. It is in fact a treasure house of nutrients and a veritable nature's medicinal formula that are crucial and invaluable to human health.

Has any clinical test been conducted using Spores powder?
Extensive and intensive testing had been conducted by Xian City No. 2, No. 4 & No. 8 hospitals, Tienjing City No. 2 Central Hospital, Guong Zhou Military District No. 177 Hospital & Shanxi Country China Herbal Research Centre. The testing involved (a) the effect of Spores Powder.

What is the difference between Spores Powder and other Traditional Herbs?
Most of the traditional or western medicines/drugs act specifically on a particular ailment. For example, in treating, say, a diabetic patient, the herb or drug used would be specifically meant for the treatment of the said ailment and nothing else. It would have no effect at all in treating ailments involving the lungs, Liver, stomach, the nervous system or blood disorder, etc.

As for Spores Powder, its action is "non-specific" and wide ranging. It is in fact, an adaptogen and it acts by stimulating and harnessing the various body's own immune system and antibodies to effect a self-healing process. As such, every part of the organ or rather the whole body would benefit from its "adaptogenic" action. This is in consonance with the Chinese Fu Zhen (total support) principle of effecting healing.

If I were to take Spores Powder regularly, will I ever become sick?
Although Spores Powder helps stimulate and harness your body's own immune system and antibodies to give you a strong constitution to stave-off many types of illnesses etc., it does not however mean that you will be totally immune from been sick. Here is one reason : Some viruses such as Rhinoviruses that cause cold can mutate into hundreds of strains, so if your immune system have not developed or process the right type of antibody defenses that can tackle the particular strain of virus, you will succumbed fall sick. (That's why there is no total immune or cure for cold). However, if you had been regularly taking Spores Powder your immune system would have been well reinforced and your body system would quickly respond and develop the appropriate antibody defense to "tackle" the saidstrain of virus. You would also recover much faster; without having to suffer the fukk effect of the flu attack, as you would, if your immune system is weak.

There have been cases, albeit a very small number, where people who are said to have been taking Spores Powder but have not responded or cured of their ailments. Why is it so?
Under normal circumstances there should be some improvements after consumption of Spores Powder. However, for some, they may need to take Spores Powder continuously over an extended period before they could get any respond. A minority may not get any respond at all for the following reasons. [a] Irregularity in taking of Spores Powder. [b] Ineffective or low dosage of consumption. [c] Discontinuing consumption when experiencing cure or adjustment reaction. (Refer C on "Healing Crisis") [d] Due to lack of reat (sleep) and sufficient good nourishment. [e] Severity and prolong illness coupled with the use of too many other drugs which result in the incomplete cleansing of the body of toxins. [f] Lack of faith and perseverance. [g] Undue and negative influence by others that result in discontinuance. & [h] Deterioration of the body system to a level where Spores Powder could not have any significant effect.

Reader should be reminded that Spores Powder, is not a "Panacea" or an "all curing" herb. For those who are presently suffering from ailments, these should be enough encouragement for them to give themselves a chance and use Spores Powder to aid in their healing.

Apart from Spores Powder, are there any other health products such as Ginseng or similar herbal preparations, etc., that can also help in the healing and maintenance of health?
Ginseng preparations and numerous other herbal and some non-herbal preparations have also the capability in effecting healing and contributing to the maintenance of health. This is because most of these herbs too contain ingredients such as Polysaccharide and/or Germanium, etc. But when you compare all these products with Spores Powder in terms of [a] the degree of their efficacy or concentration of the various ingredients/nutrients vis-a-vis the Spores Powder. And [b] The price of value-for-money factors relative to their respective efficacy, etc., you will no doubt be convinced that Spores Powder would be your best choice. That is why since ancient time Lingzhi had been touted and acknowledged as the Number one herb of the "Upper Class*", surpassing even that of Ginseng in terms of curative power by the authoritative "Sheng Nong Pern Tsao Jing", an ancient Chinese Pharmacopoeia. With the recent discovery of Lingzhi Spores Powder makes it a much more portent herb.